Zimbabwe: Zodwa Wabantu in Zero Show for Harare, Byo Shows

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Zimbabwe: Zodwa Wabantu in Zero Show for Harare, Byo Shows

Photo: The Herald

Zodwa Wabantu

By Showbiz Reporter

Controversial South African socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu’s two shows from Zimbabwe are cancelled after the socialite failed to turn up.

Zodwa Wabantu was charged to perform at Harare Thursday on December and at Bulawayo the next day.

But, as stated by the organisers of this show, she failed to develop in the South Africa airport where a representative of the organisers had been sent to accompany her into Harare.

“Devine Assignments Willing to announce that the cancellation of Zodwa Wabantu’s scheduled two show tour of Zimbabwe that was supposed to start today (Thursday December 7, 2017) at Harare and Friday December at Bulawayo.

“While every attempt was made to make sure the socialite fulfils her scheduled appearance, in bad faith and without a communication, Zodwa has gone incommunicado and access lines to her are either going out, or are totally off,” the organisers said in a declaration.

The organisers all agreements were created “to make sure she turns up” and they had “sent an emissary to Durban to function as chaperone and accompany her into Harare for her excursion”.

This is not the first time she has failed to turn up because of her intended operation in the nation.

She pulled out of the Harare International Carnival after the authorities had originally banned her appearance on biblical grounds until the ban was overturned. But she still failed to make an appearance.

The promoters hinted they will press charges against her for failing to fulfil her part of the contract.

“While we love her legion of supporters from Zimbabwe are clamouring to get us deliver her into the nation our patience has worn thin and barring an extremely spectacular excuse from Zodwa, we won’t be needing any further dealings with her.

“As we’d paid, we’re treating this unfortunate episode of bad faith, unprofessionalism and outright deceit as fraud and we’re going to be guided by our partners about the way forward,” the organisers said.

Zodwa Wabantu is also on record expressing her undying wish of meeting erstwhile President Mugabe.