‘We’re filming a picture!’ Video shows second Indiana officer shoots at actor

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CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. — It all happened in a flash.

New surveillance movie indicates the moment a Crawfordsville, Indiana police officer confronted a man he thought was robbing a business.

The incident happened last week in Crawfordsville, when police responded to a 911 call. The caller told dispatchers that a man in a ski mask entered the bar with a gun.

Sgt. Matt Schroeter arrived at the place and watched a man in a ski mask financing out the door. He appeared to be holding a weapon. ” Even the “robber” was actually actor Jim Duff, who was filming a scene for a film.

However, that wasn’t known by Schroeter.

“Drop the gun! Reduce the gun today!” Schroeter cries in body camera footage. Duff ends toward the officer and takes his mask off; Schroeter fires a shot and repeats his requests for Duff to lose his weapon.

“We are doing a movie!” Duff says after dropping the weapon and shooting off the mask.

The officer then requests him to get around the floor. Duff complies and then yells to a person inside the bar, “You guys better get out here, man.”

The officer informs them to remain inside, although someone begins to come outside the door.

Police said the manufacturing company nor the bar owners told me that a film was being taken in the area. It did not help that the actors and filming gear were within the business, which makes it hard to know that a film was being taken.

Duff was placed into custody before police could confirm that he was a part of a film scene.

“We couldn’t understand the police, so as soon as the actor left the construction we had no understanding any police had even arrived at the scene,” Montgomery County Movies proprietor Philip Demoret informed WXIN.

No charges had been filed in relation to the circumstance. Demoret stated so that something like this doesn’t happen 18, he planned to utilize Crawfordsville police.