The ring shows what person you are. Part one

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Image: © sonyazhuravetc / Fotolia Ring with oval stone is given to a woman with whom you are in a deep emotional connection. Square stone like the women hedonists, stone in the shape of a teardrop is for strongly confident women, and the stone in the shape of a heart for romantic people. The ring also means authority, status, honor, belonging to a group, power, and symbol of eternal love. Its round shape symbolizes eternity, unity, connectedness, common destiny, due to which is exchanged during a wedding. The rings that give magical healing powers were worn as talismans for protection against evil forces. The fairy tales and legends for the ring are a lot, but the general that unites all, is that the ring issues the character of the one who wears it. So if you want to give your beloved woman a ring, carefully choose the right one because it speaks both for the one who carries it and the one who gave it. Rings give away only the men who have serious intentions towards the woman and are