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“Mother, what’s a stripper pole?”

I suspect numerous parents across the fruited level were confronted with that uncomfortable concern after letting their youngsters watch the Super Dish Halftime Show.Jennifer Lopez

as well as Shakira starred in what can just be referred to as an NC-17 softcore porn manufacturing that featured a pole dancer post, great deals of crotch shots and also simulated sex.

“We were disgusted with the raunchy show, provocative gestures, post dance, absence of discreetness,” one outraged mother composed on Twitter.They were doing things that would have made the residents of Sodom and also Gomorrah blush. The NFL must’ve donated$ 10,000

each time one of the entertainers got their exclusive parts. They could’ve moneyed orphanages in every country on the planet.The halftime show was a bit perplexing– particularly in the today’s

“woke”culture. For the record, it’s impolite to spread your legs on national television.What kind of a message are they sending to girls when expanded females take a twirl on a pole dancer pole on national television?Next year, as opposed to subjected crotches and also stripper posts, maybe they could restore the marching bands?

And maybe Charlie Daniels? One final note– Jeb Shrub published a message on Twitter claiming it was the best halftime program he’s ever before seen. Take it to the showers, Jeb.After watching the #SuperBowlLIV half time show with my 11 years of age, we were disgusted with the x-rated program, intriguing motions, post dance, absence

of discreetness, etc. That’s what cash and fame do incorrect. #sodomandgamorrah @JLo @NFL @shakira– Becky Rios Morrison(@beckythebarber)February 3, 2020 Interesting that in the #MeToo era, the @NFL picked this as their halftime show.– Sara Fagen(@sarafagen2) February 3, 2020 It was dreadful. Repulsive in fact. Worst halftime show ever.– Susan Holley (@sholley19 )February 3, 2020 Sorry. Uninspiring. Would rather have seen Gloria Estefan. Charlie Daniels.

Banks & Shane.– Neal Boortz(@Talkmaster)February 3,

2020 Pole dancer posts at the Super Bowl. Wow. Times have actually transformed.

#SuperBowlLIV– Kerry Picket(@KerryPicket) February 3, 2020 My auntie simply called it”The Super Dish of the Crotch “#SBLIV