Nightmare video Reveals birds attack truck Such as horror Film

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Nightmare video Reveals birds attack truck Such as horror Film

Nightmarish swarm of ‘horror Film’ birds Assault truck in Chilling Movie

FRIGHTENING video shows a massive group of birds dive on to a truck since it tries to navigate a road busy with visitors.

From the clip — filmed using a dashcam — a truck coated with navy blue cloth rolls along a road slowly in bumper-to-bumper visitors under a gray, cloudy sky.

But when something stops happens.

A swarm of nearly a hundred black birds abruptly swoop to assault the truck, circling back, leaving and pecking at it.

Birds claw and peck at truck roof in RussiaLIVELEAK

TRUCK HUNGRY: The crazy birds viciously peck and claw at the truck high

Within seconds another hundred seem to appear in the sky flying towards it.

The video — filmed at an unknown place — has racked up thousands of hits at just a few hours and viewers found it completely horrifying.

A single LiveLeak user wrote: “Oh god. It is like that horror film. I would freak out so poorly.”

Another remarked: “That truck has to be carrying seafood. At leat I am hoping it’s or it is just frightening”

Birds attack truck in Russia during traffic jamLIVELEAK

COME HERE: The Massive flock of frightening birds peck and scratch at the truck’s top

And also a third sanity: “There’s no way that truck is escaping with out bird s*** on it!”

However, this isn’t the very first animal video to freak out the world wide web.