New trailers: The Emoji Movie Discovery, and a lot of TV shows

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New trailers: The Emoji Movie Discovery, and a lot of TV shows

This was “Upfront” week to the TV industry, where everyone gets together for big parties and demonstrations and birthdays and dealmaking. But it’s when networks reveal first looks at their shows.

Meaning there are a slew of trailers this week — over that I have the opportunity to see! — and in many cases that for reveals are not coming out until collapse. I have included a Couple of ones below, but I Wish to guide you to roundups of the big networks’ new pilots in case you’re interested:

In check out 13 trailers below.

Star Trek: Discovery

Following plenty of flaws, some messy production stories, as well as the passing of series runner and cherished TV show manufacturer Bryan Fuller, CBS eventually appears to be moving in on an actual start date for Star Trek: Discovery, plus we have a first trailer for the series that week. For of the production stories, the series appears to be looking fairly great. It is supposed to start some time this fall.

The Emoji Film

I am trying to be kind here, so I’ll say that I feel the Emoji Movie‘s core conceit — a boy understanding that it’s okay to encounter more than one emotion — is still a great assumption. However, the highlight of the trailer is really a branding opportunity for Candy Crush, so that I do not have high hopes. Parents, prepare yourselves: it comes out July 28th.

Black Lightning

CW’s newest superhero show is Black Lightning. Despite being another DC character, the series won’t join the shared world occupied by the system’s other show, such as The Flash and Arrow. That’s an odd option, but maybe it’ll open up possibilities for this new entrance. It looks to be taking a tone. There does not seem to be a start date only yet.

Town of Ghosts

Town of Ghosts profiles activists and journalists at Syria risking their lives to document ISIS. The filmmakers seems to get amazing access and thus far, reviews have been glowing. Town of Ghosts comes to theaters July 14th, before eventually heading to Amazon.

War to the Planet of the Apes

The new Planet of the Apes movies have had surprisingly private storylines threaded involving their explosive scenes of violence, also that brand new trailer for War to the Planet of the Apes appears to be about finding a balance between the two of these. But of course, the film a summer blockbuster at heart: July 14th, it comes from.


Alison Brie celebrities roughly 1980s wrestlers that appears about as bizarre as everything from the ’80s. The series comes from many titles supporting Orange is the New Black, so it seems to have seen a fitting residence. June 23rd its period debuts.

The Gifted

Marvel has yet another TV show in the works — that time. The Dramatic is an X-Men spinoff about mutants detecting their abilities — it feels weirdly reminiscent of Heroes… that could be a good thing or a really, very terrible thing. It starts.

Battle of the Sexes

Emma Stone and Steve Carrell star in this very comical looking and relevant re-imagination of the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, called The Battle of the Sexes. The movie comes from the directing duo behind Little Miss Sunshine, also it appears like it pops into precisely the identical type of sometimes strange and uncomfortable humor that movie excelled at. September 22nd, it comes out.

The Alienist

Cary Fukunaga, the manager behind Authentic Detective season one, returns to haunting murder cases with The Alienist, a period piece about a secret investigation into murders of child sex workers from 1890s New York. Fukunaga wrote and executive produced the show — that he was supposed to guide it all too, but eventually pulled out. There are some actors involved, hence that is well worth keeping an eye on.

The Breadwinner

This cartoon appears beautiful. The Breadwinner is about a 12-year-old woman Managing life in Afghanistan under the Taliban. It stems from many of the people behind Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells, both of which received Oscar nominations for best animated movie, so predicted to hear more about this one after this year. It comes out in North America this fall.


FX’s new show Snowfall looks at the growth in crack use in 1980s Los Angeles and the various players involved: namely, powerful white guys making a lot of cash, and black kids who end up seeing the consequences of this. It starts July 5th.


After premiering at Cannes to… strange reactions… Netflix has set out a full trailer for Okja, a movie about a woman and the giant pig-creature she enjoys. It comes from the manager behind The Host and Snowpiercer, includes a lot of excellent actors involved, and just appears fantastic — it’s weird how much this feels just like a Bong Joon Ho movie just from how the characters go. It comes out.

Young Sheldon

I am not saying I am happy about it. I am only mentioning that The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular series on TV. So prepare to see this around.