National CineMedia Plans Content-Driven Pre-Movie Ad Show To Alter ‘FirstLook’

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National CineMedia Plans Content-Driven Pre-Movie Ad Show To Alter ‘FirstLook’

Get ready to take a final look in FirstLook, the pre-movie ad bundle that National CineMedia provides for at least 1,600 theaters in 187 markets.

Late this season NCM will substitute it using Noovie — a much more entertainment concentrated program —— the firm told advertisers in an upfront presentation today.

The new offering will be a “digital ecosystem delivering interesting content, purposeful commerce, and interactive gambling opportunities,” CEO Andy England states. “Above all for NCM and our brand partners, Noovie gives movie audiences a reason to arrive early to discover what’s next.”

That is important: Many buyers have been questioning the effectiveness of cinema advertisements as seats are increasingly sold by theaters. That empowers ticket buyers to show up in the last minute — following the commercials — without worrying that they will wind up sitting or in an awkward angle to the display.

NCM  plans to fill Noovie with attributes along with the advertisements. To illustrate, the business served clips of all pre-concert moments and an interview with actress Kate Mara up with Foo Fighters. It will team to generate documentaries that are locally-focused.

The business expects to engage audiences using in-theater and electronic games. They comprise a trivia contest, Name That Film, plus a fantasy sports-like box office prediction game named Fantasy Movie League.

The match’s co-creator, Matthew Berry, states that fantasy players “are far more brand conscious, they are more brand loyal and they are stickier than non-players, which is great news for advertisers. The Fantasy Movie League playing viewer is also much more gender balanced than fantasy sports, and younger — 60 percent of our gamers are 35 or less.”

NCM President, Cliff Marks says that the company will provide a Noovie program and societal media channels which “let us drive visitors from the pre-show to cellular and back again — engaging movie audiences where they may be. We’re constructing it all for a terrific customer experience, which will obviously make it a excellent chance for brands too.”

Blockbuster films are still the big draw for theatre advertisers. NCM tried to whet buyers appetites today by offering trailers and clips to get  Baby Driver, It’sKingsman: The Golden Circle, Bad Mother’s Christmas, Girls Trip and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Chief Revenue Officer Scott Felenstein claims that moviegoers’ average age is 32, and “they are wealthy, incredibly varied, and incredibly sociable…. And most moviegoing happens on weekends, the same times that individuals are most likely to generate a buying decision.”

What’s more, he states thatNoovie’s program and  electronic connections will collect information about moviegoers which can “pour” into NCM’s services for advertisers and “lead to much better targeting, measurability and ROI for your efforts”