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Grammy-Nominated R&B Artist Kelly Price Hosts 2nd Annual For The Love Of R&B Event

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In the last two decades we’ve been endowed to obtain audio from Kelly Cost, and her fat has changed. Like the majority of ladies, occasionally she’s occasionally she’s and larger smaller. But stunning.

Nevertheless, on Friday night she discussed a-side-by- photo of her weight reduction that was newest. The image was from the year-ago, where she appears considerably smaller and also the after-image was from two nights ago.



God forgiving me the will to reside existence Wholesome Pleased and Generously,” the caption is said within by her. “It’s been lots of function and I have function to complete but I couldn’t get it done alone. For reassurance and aid in your weight reduction trip join my assistance team on Myspace TransFat: The Motion. #MyGodIsAmazing #IDontThinkYaReady4ThisKelly”

The team Kelly is talking about is her network of people shifting to some much healthier lifestyle in fat.

She notices of the Myspace team site: This Can Be A team available to those who have fought with dealing with and/or sustaining a healthier fat and lifestyle. This team is available to anybody who it is wiling to provide assistance to other individuals who possess the same problems and would like the assistance of others. I’m not perhaps a EXPERT or an expert but I’ve had this battle my lifetime and it has existed out within the public attention for almost two decades. This team is approximately responsibility and reassurance. Having others help me through the decades and to check with continues to be my best friend within the weight reduction fight. I really hope to provide power and reassurance where its required to getting it and that I look forward aswell.

Kelly introduced her weight reduction trip earlier this season, weeks after processing from her spouse of 23 years for breakup. We’re pleased to discover her working a guy, with or without toward her greatest.

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