“How to Earn a movie the Safe way” in NAB Show 2017

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“How to Earn a movie the Safe way” in NAB Show 2017

“How to make a Film the secure way” at NAB Show 2017

In the NAB Show 2017 Seminar this week, we are going to be reprising our session “Preventing the Making of the Next Hollywood Blockbuster”(Las Vegas | April 25, 2017 | 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM at the Cybersecurity & Content Protection Pavilion — Booth C3830CS — Central Hall). Azure’s very own Joel Sloss will regale the crowd about the transition to secure movie creation in the cloud, made possible by Microsoft Azure along with a cadre of ISV partners who’ve ported their solutions to the stage.

Content comes in many forms and must be saved in many places, such as on servers, workstationsand mobile storage, archives, etc., which presents a enormous security challenge. Preventing this data on top of the additional challenge of properly handling private information such as health records, contract information, and paystubs, strains an already complicated data governance situation.

Within this session, we will look at an end workflow leveraging 5th Kind Avid, Contractlogix, Docusign, MarkLogic, along with SyncOnSet’s wizardry as well as Azure. Lulu Zezza, Physical Production Executive and the driving force behind the end workflow, will soon be co-presenting together with Mr. Sloss.   She noted that, “Moving into the cloud is the perfect method to apply security controls across so many different physical and logical environments, places, and information types. We’ve got people working all over the world, for various businesses, using approaches that are different, all contributing to the production. In years past it has been just like a free-for-all, together with builders getting access to things they shouldn’t, data being replicated and saved in the incorrect places, and sensitive content left out in the open.”

The new digital workflow allows a secure “script-to-screen” experience for the management of the manufacturing data and the crew’s personal HR information, to which new international privacy standards apply. Metadata captured from contracts, scripts, along with camera files is related to filming times, shoots recorded and scenes, and later to the final edit of the movie. Plus communications are stored secure and confidential. It’s a completely different way.

Join Joel at his session where you’ll hear about:

  • Brick concerns for multi-domain cloud environments
  • Secure access and device control for BYOD consumers
  • Content protection and privacy in connected and disconnected networks