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If you are planning an event and what to hire a marquee, there are many tips that you need to consider. Check out these tips so you will ensure that you choose the correct marquee and know what to look for. Choosing the wrong marquee can cause a lot of problems and you need to consider this.

Consider The Weather

As your marquee will be outside, you have to take the weather into account. If you are thinking of a summer event, the days may be warm but the temperature will drop when night comes. Additionally, if you are going to have a winter event, you need to consider the rain or snow that will come and how your marquee will hold up against this.

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Make Sure There Is Enough Room

There are many people who consider cutting the costs of tent hire liverpool marquee by getting the smallest one available. This is not always the best idea and could cause a lot of problems based on the type of event you are hosting. It is better to consider how much space you are going to need and hire a marquee that offers this.

When looking at the size of the marquee, you need to consider how many guests you are going to have. You also need to consider if you want space for your guests to mingle or dance inside the marquee or if this will occur outside. If you are going to have tables and chairs, you will also need to consider how much space they will require.

Give Yourself Enough Time

You should never leave hiring your marquee to the last minute because you will have problems. Booking in advance will ensure that you are able to get the right marquee for your event. Leaving this too late will make it hard to get the exact marquee that you want because there might be a limited stock of them held by the rental company.

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Check For Insurance

Something that many people forget when hiring a marquee is to check for insurance. When you hold an event, there is always a chance that someone will be injured and you need to be covered for this. It is important that you ask the rental company if they have public liability insurance which will cover any damages caused by the marquee during the event. If the company does not have any insurance, you may want to look for a different company to work with.