Dramatic new video shows moment shotgun-wielding man is taken down with rubber bullets by armed police outside Coral bookmakers ‘where he took four hostages’

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As he surfaced from the betting-shop heist rEMARKABLE video captured as soon as authorities shot a guy.

The 39-year old is purported to have in the Barrier store in Tyne Jarrow &amp .

Police surrounded the shop whilst the suspect launched his one hostage, after which three hostages.

And as soon as he was removed in a hail of bullets was grabbed by surprising movie taken with a citizen over the street.

Myspace / H Marshall

The Jarrow bookies hold up suspect seems in the doorway of the Barrier store yesterday, in video published to Myspace

Myspace / H Marshall

Armed police fire rubber bullets in to the thighs of the person as he seems having a shotgun in the doorway

Myspace / H Marshall

And as he drops back again to the ground cops competition to maneuver the weapon from the person. He’s not considered to have now been significantly hurt

North Information and Images

The suspect exists in the Barrier bookies carrying a double barreled shotgun

North Information and Images

Armed police surprise the store using the suspect seemingly included towards the ground

North Information and Images

A guy, thought to be the suspect, is later brought away by authorities following a hold up

Courageous coppers then rush bundling him towards the floor within the bookies.

As many police stormed the bookies viewers had reported gunshots.

Remarkable movies earlier confirmed after four hostages were drawn in a robbery police educate their.

Into delivering several of his four hostages negotiators spoke the gunman.

The rest of the hostage seemed to be launched briefly prior to the supposed hostage-taker poked at his mind at hand round the doorway, shotgun.

Second pictures are noticed as armed authorities enter Jarrow bookies

North Information and Images

Prior to the obvious escape endeavor he’d launched the ultimate hostage

North Information and Images

Prior to making his ill fated escape endeavor he poked his mind round the doorway of the store as authorities view on

Myspace / Stephen Dixon‎

Armed authorities were described encompassing a Barrier bookies within the north-eastern city of Jarrow

Facebook / @MetroRadioNews

Authorities later verified four everyone was taken hostage in the bookies in Jarrow, Tyne & Don

Dame Vera Baird QC, the Northumbria Police and Offense Commissioner, confirmed the suspect have been transporting a shotgun

She tweeted: “All hostages free as stress ends. Informed: he’d packed sawn off, but imprisoned without authorities utilization of guns. Congratulations & amp.”

A Northumbria Police declaration that is further read: “A authorities problem ‘less deadly tool’ was released throughout the event to be able to provide this issue to summary that is secure – it was the ‘pictures’ that individuals might have noticed.”

The pressure had earlier verified Towards The Sunlight yesterday once they were named towards the store at 5.45pm the scenario was continuing.

Its declaration read: ” one individual is thought to be however within the areas with him and we’re trying to understand out this individual securely.”

Myspace / Booby Fett

Nearby radio station City documented that that hostages were obtained following a theft gone wrong
Movie obtained from a building opposite the bookies seemed to display paper recorded towards the shopfront within an obvious bet to hide the watch of authorities outside

Myspace / Neilo Massey

Many authorities vehicles blocked-off the street nearing the bookies

Facebook / @shieldsgazette

Northumbria Police cordoned-off the roads bordering the Viking Buying Center

One nearby informed the Protects Gazette: “We noticed a happening, that was law enforcement officers yelling.

“It appears as though there is one-member of team launched to date.”

Nearby radio station City Radio documented a hostage had been obtained by an armed guy in the Viking Buying Center bookies adhering to a theft that was failed.

Paper might be observed recorded to prevent cops viewing in to the shop towards the top windows in a bet.

Many authorities vehicles were described preventing streets resulting in picture while a large number of nearby citizens clustered onto the roads round the stand-off off.

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