Display #290: Integrating STREET GANG, the Film!

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Display #290: Integrating STREET GANG, the Film!

The 2008 bestselling novel Street Gang: The Entire History of Sesame Street from Michael Davis is being made into a brand new documentary film! This week I am connected Director Marilyn Agrelo and by Executive Producer Trevor Crafts to chat the way Muppet lovers can get involved, and about what Muppet fans should expect the film will expand upon what is in the novel.

About the Film

Street Gang is going to be led by Marilyn Agrelo, director of the festival award-winning Mad Hot Ballroom. Agrelo will get access to Sesame Street archives during Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, along with The Jim Henson Company. Using fresh animated sequences, fresh character and cast interviews, and exclusive archival materials, Street Gang will tell the origin story of the show and the way creator Joan Ganz Cooney, manager Jon Stone, along with visionary Jim Henson came from their ideals and the social unrest of the sixties to produce something that altered history.

Among the film’s Indiegogo campaign (http://bit.ly/2eh6bR0) aims, as well as creating new animation and fresh music, is to raise money to reconstruct the Season One Sesame Street set, taking the viewer back in time. In addition, the filmmakers will donate 15% of their net profits of the crowd capital campaign to Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational press organization behind Sesame Street, via its Yellow Feather Fund™ which aids the world’s most vulnerable kids grow wealthier, stronger, and more kinder.

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