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One of the best ways for a business to reduce running costs and thus increase profits is to monitor worker productivity. Any workers that fail to meet productivity targets can then be fired or sent for retraining in order to increase their hourly output. The strategy may sound harsh, but when it comes to increasing your bottom line, you need to ensure you have a productive workforce. You don’t want to be paying a huge wage bill for employees who are not completing the work they have been employed to do in a timely manner.

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Perhaps one of the easiest ways to monitor employees if you own a delivery company is to install cheap vehicle tracking devices on all vans within your fleet. These devices will monitor a vehicle’s speed, driving style, and location throughout the day. You can use the data to identify employees who are spending too much time idle in their vans and workers who are not driving in an appropriate way on the roads. For example, some workers may be doing a lot of harsh braking and accelerate, which could indicate that they are not driving in a very fuel efficient way, thus adding to your company’s overall fuel costs.

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When you can monitor the location of all your employees in real time, you can also provide your clients with better customer service. For example, imagine if a customer rings up to inquire as to when they can expect their delivery package: you can take a quick look at the map and driver’s planned route in fleet management software and give the customer an accurate estimate as to when their package will be with them.

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Keep in mind that GPS vehicle tracking devices upload their data to the centralized fleet management database via the mobile network. This means you need to choose devices that contain sim cards from mobile network providers that offer good levels of coverage in your area if you want access to live data. Fortunately, most areas of the UK have mobile network coverage by at least one of the main providers.

Important suggestion from vehicletrackingchannel when it comes to choosing your fleet management software, you need to opt for a package that is easy to use. You don’t want to have to spend a lot of money on software training for your staff. Fortunately, most of the best fleet management monitoring solutions have user interfaces that are very instinctive to use and don’t require users to read 500-page software manuals to get started.