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Heads have been turning because she chose to turn her back ‘pabebe’ roles.

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Wed December 2017 at 2:30 pm

Google’s Top Searches of 2017 Released – Most Googled Celeb, TV Show, Movie & much more Revealed!


Click the next slide to see the best searched actors/actresses…

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HOLLYWOOD star Tom Hanks may get top billing in Inferno but it’s the fascinating city of Florence, where the film is set, which steals the show.

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While primarily a showcase for automobiles, the Tokyo Motor Show also has bike manufacturers taking the stands. Apart from Honda together with the Neo Sports Concept and Kawasaki using the retro-style Z900RS scheduled for this year’s event, Yamaha will also be in attendance with an exhibit theme “Yamaha Future Garage: Resonate that the Future.”

Seeking something from the creativity of manga artist Masamune Shirow is your Motoroid, that draws inspiration in the world of artificial intelligence. Even the Motoroid is capable of recognising its proprietor, and is meant to present a sense of Kando, a Japanese word meaning “feelings of deep pride and extreme enthusiasm” when encountering a thing of value.

Subject of a previous post about, the Motobot Ver.2 is a Yamaha R1-M superbike mounted by a robot walkers. Having experienced testing in 2016, Motobot’s goal for 2017 is to high 280 km/h and transcend Valentino Rossi’s recording time in the Yamaha test track.

From the metropolitan mobility arena, Yamaha has designed the MWC-4, also a four-wheeled, Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) automobile. Constructed to accommodate a passenger and a driver, even the MWC-4 is powered by a an electric engine armed with a range-extender and uses attitude-control technology that provides more comfort than a bike, but slips into corners the identical manner.

For electric power assisted bikes (e-bicycle), Yamaha is setting forward the YPJ-XC, dependent on the YPJ-MTB theory e-bicycle that was first shown at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The YPJ-XC includes Yamaha’s latest PW-X drive unit and is promised to be nearer to your production-ready model.

The post Yamaha reveals new e-bike technology at Tokyo Motor Show appeared initially on Paul Tan’s Automotive News.

Asesino — the death metal/grindcore project comprising Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares and Fear Factory/ex-Static-X bassist Tony Campos (on bass/vo…

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Prop Can Show Up In The Han Solo Movie

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie that is going to have significant consequences for the events of , however there’s one item that’s used in the movie that might be more important for . A bit was created in Star Wars: The Last Jedi on a set of golden dice dangling inside the Millennium Falcon. While fans may have recognized them, from emerging in previous films, the documentary included in The Last Jedi makes a point to define the reason why they are important to Han Solo, which means we could see them in another Star Wars film. A crewmember handling props clarifies…

We left these dice which were hanging in the Millennium Falcon cockpit. Apparently, it is what Han Solo used to win against the Millennium Falcon so he has always kept up them hanging.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Will give us a young Han, a young Lando, and the Millennium Falcon. There was already a great chance we would observe the moment where Han takes possession of this ship in the film, so if we do, then we will observe these dice. It’s equally as likely then, that we will see Han carrying those lucky dice and turning them in the keepsake that we watch Luke remembering in The Last Jedi.

Traditionally, the narrative of how Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon has involved a blackjack like card game named Sabacc, but the official story is that both were playing a dice-based variant called Corellian Spike. The fact that Han Solo won the ship in Lando Calrissian is canon, it is mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back, however the specifics regarding how have previously been accessible through non-canon sources. It’s possible Lucasfilm decided to make the stunt, which were there from the beginning, hanging on unremarked in Star Wars: A New Hope, also a focal point in The previous Jedi so that lovers who never observed them before will probably be familiar with them when they’re referenced. The origin of the stunt is not mentioned in The previous Jedi, so why do they have a history in any way, unless you can find strategies for the narrative to be well known?

This would make a certain amount of sense. The casual fan probably never discovered the stunt before drew attention. It functions by itself, but when there are plans to integrate little or large easter eggs into the new movie that predates the original trilogy, it makes sense to make sure that fans are conscious of the dice before demonstrating Han Solo hang them up on his new ship for the first time.

Even though the “connected world” has been around for a while today, the simple fact is that Star Wars is still new to the idea. Star Wars movies have all been directly linked to each other, as opposed to simply happening in the identical world and Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to be the most disconnected to date, such as characters we all know however, so far as we understand, a plot that’s irrelevant to the larger narrative. The dice could join Solo into the larger saga in a more direct way.

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Bumblebee The Movie Blu-Ray Disc Release Date On April 2019 In Germany

Because of our very own pie123 we can report that Bumblebee The Movie Blu-Ray Disc is supposed to Release On April 2019 At Germany.

German website  bluray-disc. P has listed a Blu-Ray launch  plus also a  Blu-Ray + DVD + UV Duplicate (this one as a US import).   Both are scheduled for launch on   April, 2019. You can read on to the specifications of this Blu-Ray:

Bumblebee: The Film Blu-ray
Original movie title: Bumblebee: The Film

Editor: Paramount Home Entertainment
Supply: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Actor: Abby Quinn , Gracie Dzienny , Hailee Steinfeld , Jason Drucker , John Cena , John Ortiz , Jorge Lendeborg Jr. , Kenneth Choi , Pamela Adlon , Rachel Crow , Ricardo Hoyos , Stephen Schneider
Director: Travis Knight
Production: USA / 2018
Category: Adventure , Action , Science Fiction

Packaging: HD Maintain Case
Age rating: unchecked

Languages: German Dolby Atmos 7.1
English Dolby TrueHD 7.1

Sound formats are currently unknown

Subtitle: German , English

Subtitles are currently unknown

Region: B, A, C
Disc capacity: BD-50 GB
Picture format (e): 1920x1080p (2.39: 1) @ 23.976 Hz picture ratio varies
Video codec: MPEG-4 / AVC
Publication: vs April 2019 (anticipated launch)

There¿s a summary of the film from the site. It’s possible to read it after the leap, but it may include spoilers to the upcoming picture. Do not forget to tell us your feelings in the 2005 Boards!

Bumblebee: The Film Will Be A Substantial Milestone For Volkswagen

Speaking at the Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen R&D boss Frank Welsch stated that the classic German Volkswagen Beetle (a.k.a VW Bug) automobiles are about to stop production.

After this information went across the internet, the excitement for the approaching Bumblebee: The Film (alternatively called Transformers: Bumblebee) also went. Popular entertainment information site Nerdist even stated “Deciding the Bumblebee film is a period piece may be the most prescient call Paramount has made in years“.

The newest Transformers Live Action Movie will join other movies like the Herbie series as well as Footloose for prominently featuring a Volkswagen Beetle.

Transformers: Bumblebee is going to be the first Transformers film not to be led by Michael Bay. Instead, the film is helmed by BAFTA Award winner Travis Knight; the director of Laika Entertainment studio. Titular character individual companion Charlie Watson is going to be performed by Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld, that will also produce songs for this film.

The new film will mark an end of an era for a adorable, iconic small car.

Bumblebee: The Film is now in post production using a projected launch date of December 21st, 2018.

TFW2005 Coverage Of Hasbro Investor Update At UBS Global Consumer And Retail Conference

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner  talked to the gathered press and investors in the UBS Global Consumer And Retail Conference earlier now  to explain   the corporation’s strategy in the coming years.

  • Success of Hasbro’s Franchise Brands.
  • Partnership with Paramount Pictures.
  • Boulder Media Studio animation campaigns.
  • Toys’R’Us situation.
  • China’s Nezha along with the Transformers.

We’ve   painstakingly transcripted each and every word, for one to examine and also leave a comment on the ribbon linked with the news post. Relevant slides will also be attached. Test it all out.

Paramount Pictures To Initiate A New Financial Strategy From 2019

Viacom CEO Bob Bakish talked to the gathered press and investors in Deutsche Bank’s 26th annual Media, Telecom & Business Services Conference to spell out Paramount Pictures‘ new fiscal plan which will go forward from 2019, among other things.

“Our new approach isn’t one-size-fits-all,” he explained. “So we do not want to take funding on any of the branded films as they are low-risk. … We had much rather have partners on higher-budget films.”

Hasbro, Skydance and a lot of other business serve as partners for Paramount Pictures in the coming years, leading more to their own individual job than they used to perform. So, when a Transformers film gets created, Hasbro will chip at more and will have more say in the final product (which can be a good or a bad thing based on how that you look at it). As corporations will say the budget of this movie may depend on Hasbro’s appetite for risk.

Paramount declared this new choice came as a direct result of their partnership with HuaHua Media decreasing through, in the end of last year. The Chinese company originally stayed to fund Transformers movies coming out from 2017, 2018 and 2019 and 25% of all Paramount Pictures movies produced from the previous years. Speaking of which, 2017 wasn’t a type year for Paramount. Virtually all their major movies obtained substantial losses and industry analysts are not pleased with their own 2018 functionality so far. Mr. Bakish is still hoping to reverse the wave from 2019 onward.

We wish them the very best.

Sources: Deadline, Hollywood Reporter along with  Deutsche Bank

Transformers Bumblebee: The Junior Novel Listed On Amazon

Want to understand the story of Transformers: Bumblebee film, one month early? Well now possible. Amazon has listed the Junior Novelization for a November 20th launch.

The book will soon be published by Little, Brown Publications under license by Hasbro. Although the list is just for the Hardcover and Paperback Editions, we obtained  advice that the book will also be available electronically for exactly the identical price.  

But wait there is more! For the pre-school reader, exactly the identical publishing company will also produce a simplified variant with only 32 pages instead of this 144 paged Junior Book.

The Amazon list only finds a vague description to safeguard the plot for now “Bumblebee is back in this all-new action-packed junior publication!”

Previously, similar novels were published for Transformers (2007), Revenge Of The Fallen, along with Dark Of The Moon. Director Michael Bay stopped such books and tie-in comic novels; after an incident where Amazon inadvertently revealed the plot twist of DOTM, more than a month earlier than the launch of the film. Fans can be happy to see these returning. Nevertheless, be certain to be accountable and extend from spoiling the joy of the others who wish to learn the story through the film itself. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle (wait, wrong franchise).

Check out more details, after the jump.

Transformers: The Last Knight Wins Zero awards At The Golden Raspberry awards 2018

When there wasn’t any award a film would rather shed, it is the Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies for short).

Despite the fact that  Transformers: The Last Knightobtained nominations for the greatest number of   Razzies during their 38th edition, the film didn’t “win” any one of them. As we predicted, we can thank The Emoji Movie to be the worst picture of 2017.

Speaking of which, in spite of the fact that Sony’s Emoji Movie was on this year’s set of nominations, rather a lot of media outlets decided to point out Transformers: The Last Knight among the list of nominees. A quick Google search would found that fact. Bit of a biased behaviour, however, being nominated ever since Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen came out, could have been a contributing element.

Besides being nominated for its Worst Picture, the film was nominated for Poisonous Performance by an outsider (Mark Wahlberg), Worst Supporting Actor (Josh Duhamel, Sir Anthony Hopkins), Worst Supporting Actress (Laura Haddock), Worst Sequel, Worst Director (Michael Bay), Worst Screen Combo (Any Combination of 2 Humans, Two Robots, or 2 Explosions) and The Worst Screenplay. We’re happy to announce that TLK didn’t managed to win any of it.

It’s possible to take a peek at the complete list of all “winners” to this year, following the jump.

Transformers Movie Producer Ian Bryce Moves Away From Paramount Pictures

Here’s a news which went below our radar because of our busy schedule during the Toy Fair 2018 weekend. It is sad to announce which Transformers Live Action Movie Series producer Ian Bryce has moved away from Paramount Pictures to locate a new residence in Netflix.

“In a move that signals the expanding feature movie ambitions of Netflix, the streaming agency has made a final look handle Ian Bryce, producer of significant scale films that have Saving Private Ryan, Almost Famous, War Machine, and also the Transformers franchise. Bryce and his Ian Bryce Productions will proceed from Paramount Pictures. The producer initially worked with Netflix about the David Michod-directed Brad Pitt-starrer War Machine, and the plan would be to build on that connection and also have Bryce be a heart supplier. On the movie side, this follows a current deal with War to the Planet of the Apes and another Batman director Matt Reeves along with his 6th & Idaho banner. Additionally, it follows the groundbreaking TV deal Netflix created with Ryan Murphy.”

Ian Bryce and his production company worked hand-in-hand with Paramount Pictures throughout all 5 Transformers movies. Throughout the production stages, Mr. Bryce acted as director Michael Bay‘s right hand guy.

This move has occurred concurrently using the statement of a new team that will shape the future of this Transformers movie franchise.

Transformers Franchise Job Opportunity At Paramount: Director Digital Retail Marketing

Paramount Home Media Distribution (PHMD); the home video distribution arm of Paramount Pictures is looking for a Director in Digital Marketing.   This person will be responsible for driving strategic lifecycle initiatives for leading entertainment franchises such as Transformers, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, GI Joe and other high profile possessions.

PHMD organization is accountable for identifying and implementing the Retail Marketing strategies of Paramount New Release titles and Catalog campaigns across electronic and tv programs (EST, IVOD and Cable VOD). Not too long before, the company released their first AR/VR encounter titled Cade’s Junkyard comprising an augmented reality Bumblebee. This launch happened in-conjunction using Paramount’s home release of Transformers: The Last Knight.

You can have a look at the complete job description following the jump, and use to your position here.

New Hasbro Trademark: Allspark Characteristic

Hasbro has applied for a new brand new in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, says TF@TM and this new trademark isn’t only special for Transformers.

Titled as Allspark Distribution, the description lists “Entertainment services, namely, production and distribution of movies, tv show, online series, webisodes and electronic content; entertainment media production services for motion pictures, tv and online“. In short, it is a signature to get an entertainment content production and distribution company like Paramount Pictures.

This new name certainly popped up in a very curious time; contemplating the fact that Hasbro’s new 5-year agreement with Paramount says a greater control over the movies made based on Hasbro possessions.

Now, Hasbro is a completely enclosed entertainment powerhouse with the next list of subsidiaries. Start of a distribution company will only fortify all below:

  • Hasbro Studios: TV growth, creation, and distribution.
  • Allspark Pictures:  Movie production.
  • Allspark Animations: Animation production.
  • Boulder Media Studio: Animation development.
  • Backflip Studios: Mobile sport development.

The one thing missing from this film would be a music/record label.

Bleeding Cool caught up using Hasbro’s John Warden about the statement made within their Investor Preview Day.

When asked about the information of a Transformers movie show reboot, Mr. Warden just commented “Do not believe what you hear, but do not stress“.

While the information is somewhat reassuring to learn for the Live Action Movie show lovers, the Brand Manager didn’t elaborated about why Transformers 6 was removed by the Paramount-Hasbro slate and exactly what happened to the projected June 2019 launch date.

“Shocking that @bleedingcool made it wrong. Nice story with no attribution of the quotation or context. Nothing I have from the Transformers interview session comes close to the quote. #FryIsShocked”

Update two:Again, thanks to TFU.INFO, we finally have the precise quotation from John Warden/Ben Montano. We wrote down it word-to-word.

“Query: The current statement about the modifications for the movies, changes for toyline plans, cancellation of this series?

Answer: The things that Brian made concerning the release of the movie franchise following Bumblebee? For sure our team is working closely with Paramount and Machinima concerning another chapter along with the product lines associated with that. No choice is made individually from movie partners, thus we are a part of the conversation on what is next and when if we provide another thing. Our attention right now is to concentrate on Bumblebee [The Film]. I think the movie has arrived along great. We have seen a lot of footage, cuts, takes. Toyline seems fantastic. I think there’s a lot of directions we could take, post that. You will find toy concepts we’re working on. Nothing prevents us. You guys found downstairs, right?   We have Cyberverse. That’s coming out. We’ve Studio Series, we have Bumblebee movie toyline, for Generations a new trilogy announced. Any shifts, we must handle this.   Either pause or   merely charge head-on. This is one where we’re going to collectively bare, sow for what is another best story is and then put a toyline round that. In no manner it frees us.

There you have it folks, directly from Hasbro in Toy Fair 2018. Because of the above statement, the comment generated during Investor Preview Day 2018 along with the associated slide which excludes Transformers 6 from the roadmap makes a whole lot of sense.

You guys can talk about your own interpretation of this real statement made by Mr. Warden/Montano about the pause from the current film series, and sound off on our ongoing thread.