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IN A hopeless quote to amass passion from the inactive American public, officials involved in the Trump impeachment procedures have revealed that Beyoncé Knowles will certainly do at today’s Superbowl-styled halftime program, in addition to a selection of sustaining acts, WWN can verify.

Pointing out bad focus abilities and also basic apathy amongst American voters, it was chosen home entertainment throughout a period was required to boost passion in the nation’s newest impeachment procedures, which was initially billed as “one of the most enjoyable impeachment of them all”.

“Queen Bey will certainly carry out 5 tracks halfway through today’s impeachment procedures, followed by Daft Punk and also an unique appearance by Kanye West,” organisers verified.

The examination right into president Trump’s supposed scheme to coerce Ukraine’s head of state right into opening up an investigation into a political election opponent or face army aid being withheld is now right into its second day, with its findings expected to alter “fuck all” in the minds of Trump advocates.

“God damn witch hun’ if ya ask me,” spewed Alabama soybean farmer Randy Stevens, that claimed he will certainly elect Trump again regardless of losing thousands in revenue this year due to the recurring trade battle with China, “Mr. Trump is a good male as well as comprehends tiny folk like me more than any individual else I understand … he also killed ISIS,” Stevens added, hocking out a huge brown stack of tobacco.

The halftime show will also feature an interior fireworks show. Ever before the restrained as well as dignified leader, president Trump has sworn to remain to incriminate himself and validate the impeachment inquiry on Twitter prior to inevitably requiring to the stand to shriek ‘You desire the truth? You can’t deal with the fact’.

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