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Woman Pregnant With Triplets Shows Off Massive Baby Bump triplets@triplets_of_copenhagen/Instagram

Is there anything as spellbinding, radiant, as a pregnant woman? 

Probably not if you’re a woman and have been pregnant at any time. Isn’t it funny you never anyone outside of a group of six guys preach the wonders of something they’ll never have to experience?

Call me presumptuous, but I’m gonna go ahead and say pregnancy, while clearly a gift in when it’s all said and done, is kinda sh*t when you consider the nine months of discomfort and no drinking.

And while I’d never pin one pregnant woman against another, this mum-to-be in particular can’t be feeling a million dollars as she awaits the arrival of triplets.

What’s more, her three-baby bump has gone viral:

Maria, 36, lives in Norway and is already in the 33rd week of pregnancy, and has been sharing pictures and videos of her bump for her followers on Instagram.

She and her Danish hubby already have a two-year-old son, but thing’s are about to be kicked up a notch.

Maria documents her pregnancy on the Instagram Triplets of Copenhagen page which boasts just over 20k followers.

The triplets will be born by c-section, as a natural birth would be too risky, according to doctors. Her due date is September 12.

34 weeks! ❤️❤️❤️ Today I’ve felt pretty good, and we are excited to have reached another milestone. In the beginning we feared that I would have to be hospitalized or put to bed rest towards the end, so we are very happy that I’ve made it this far without any serious complications. 💪🏼 Hope my body will keep up the good work for the next 8 days! 🤞🏼 ⠀ ⠀ #expectingtriplets #34weekspregnant #triplets #pregnant

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There are only 150 sets of triplets born in the UK each year, with 1 in every 5000 pregnancies a triplet pregnancy. The triplet rate in the used to be about 1 in 10,000 maternities but this figure almost quadrupled between 1970 to 1998 with the introduction of assisted conception techniques.

This rate has fallen since 1998 probably due to the introduction of HFEA regulations restricting the number of embryos transplanted during an IVF cycle.

In the US, Less than 4% of triplet pregnancies are delivered vaginally. Having a C-section for multiple births is the most common way to go, and puts less stress on your body. Multiple babies born vaginally are at a higher risk of being properly monitored and cared for following delivery.

Another scanning at the hospital today, and they had all grown A LOT these last two weeks! Last time they were between 15-25% smaller than the average baby, but today they were only 7-14% smaller. Great news! 😄👏🏼 • Baby no. 1: 1205 g Baby no. 2: 1178 g Baby no. 3: 1090 g • #expectingtriplets #28weekspregnant #week29 #triplets

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More than half of triplet pregnancies are pre-term, but the other complications found most commonly have much lower statistics. Anemia and gestational diabetes are both under 20%, and getting infection is only found 13% of the time.

The NHS writes, for anyone giving birth to twins or more:

It’s a good idea to discuss your birth options with your midwife or consultant early on in your pregnancy.

You’ll normally be advised to give birth in a hospital as there’s a higher chance of complications with twins.

There are usually more health professionals at a multiple birth – for example, there may be two midwives, an obstetrician and two paediatricians (one for each baby). You will already have met your obstetrician and midwives to discuss your baby’s birth beforehand, so they won’t all be strangers.

Trying to prepare soon-to-be big brother Mikael for what’s coming, but hard to know how much he understands… He turns two in August. I already feel like I’m not there for him as much as I should because I’m always on the couch, so I am a bit concerned about how it will all be when the triplets arrive. Any good tips out there? #expectingtriplets #27weekspregnant #pregnant

A post shared by triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) on

They add:

Lots of women think they have to have a caesarean section with twins. In fact, more than 40% of twin births are vaginal, and the process is similar to that of a single baby.

If you’re planning a vaginal delivery, it’s usually recommended that you have an epidural for pain relief, but you can discuss this with your midwife.

All the best, Maria! Keep doing you.

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“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton told CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour.

Terrifying Footage Shows Huge 7ft Wolf Chasing A Dog In The Woods wolfNewsflare

A dog in Canada had to have quick reflexes when a terrifyingly huge wolf chased it through the woods. 

A video of the incident was taken near a fishing lodge in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

The camera focuses on a dark shape in the undergrowth while a white dog barks ferociously at the creature which was lying in wait.

Suddenly, the huge black wolf leaps from the floor and runs towards the dog, whose barking turns much more intense as it becomes the wolf’s target.

Watch the scary footage here:

A real life embodiment of the Big Bad Wolf, the creature appears to be about seven foot long. It springs towards the barking dog before turning back into the woods.

The brave white dog wasn’t too deterred by the wolf’s initial pounce, and ran after it into the trees. However, the wolf seemed to turn back on its competition, and the camera loses focus as the dog’s barks begin to sound pained.

The man behind the camera started to shout at the two animals, yelling out ‘hey!’, presumably in an attempt to stop them from fighting?

The dog could be heard yelping, but then the camera cuts off. Unfortunately, it’s not known what happened to the smaller dog after the video ended.

Terrifying Footage Shows Huge 7ft Wolf Chasing A Dog In The Woods wolf2Newsflare

The dog’s owner, who’d filmed the scary footage, shared the video on social media.

He explained:

I work as a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan and I shot this video on one of our trails around the lodge.

Commenters have been expressing their fear at the video, with some suggesting the black creature is a timber wolf – which have been known to grow to huge lengths.

One person explained:

It’s a timber wolf we have them here in Canada but they are rarely seen. This guy is pretty stupid allowing the dog to get that close.

Another said:

This video shocks me everytime see them ears poking up from the ground. If i saw that in real life i would be petrified. absolutely terrifying. that wolf is massive. powerful force. imagine a pack…. [sic]

A third commented:

Wow that thing was massive,the dog had no chance……unless the dog was very obedient there was no chance it would of backed down,probably protecting its owner mine would of done the same!But dam that thing was big!!!! [sic]

Other viewers aren’t convinced the creature is a normal wolf, and have instead suggested it might be some sort of supernatural being – possibly a character from Twilight. 

One viewer jokingly said:

that was Jacob from twilight, that mf is abusing his role smh [sic]

Another person claimed the creature wasn’t even of the canine variety:

That wasn’t a wolf, that was a frickin dragon [sic]

Although we’re not entirely sure what happened after the video stopped recording, I think I’m going to remain optimistic and hope the dog somehow managed to get away from the terrifying creature.

At least that way I can believe this story has a happy ending.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to [email protected] 

Did you know that most of the different languages we speak today can actually be placed in only a couple of groups by their origin? This is what illustrator

How Cold Is It In The Midwest? Bubbles Are Freezing

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Freezing Our Pants Off In Minnesota

Pray For The Homeless During This Time! Give To Your Local Shelters. Most Are At Full Capacity

A Firefighter After Working In The -40° Polar Vortex

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Eye Lashes On Fleek! Is That A Thing? Is This The New Winter Running Fashion Statement?

Going To Daycare When It’s -30 Outside

Minnesota’s Officers

When These Are The Inside Doors… You Know We Are Polar Vortexing

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Letting My Car Heat Up During The Polar Vortex

I Just Wanted To See How Long It Would Take For An Egg To Freeze Outside And Also What Would Become Of My Egg

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Cadillac Michigan The Light Poles Are Shivering. Science Mannn

Polar Vortex Lesson: Don’t Try To Hang Dry Your Clothes Outside

Ice Is Freezing As Soon As It Comes Out Of Our Faucet Because It’s So Cold

The Detroit River, Frozen All The Way To Canada

Got So Cold Last Night That Our Vodka Froze! For Reference The Freezing Point For Vodka Is -16

Polar Vortex (Temp. 16 F /-9 C)

My Neighbor’s Furnace Exhaust Is Creating An Interesting Icicle

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This Is My Buddy Jesse At The Arrowhead 135 In Mn Yesterday. Day Time Temp Was -26 °F

This Flash-Frozen Fire Hydrant

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A Sheet Of Ice Formed Between The Glass Panes Of This Door

So My Soap Is Frozen In My Shower

My Wall Is Freezing In My Bedroom. There Are No Pipes Behind It. Chicago

It’s So Cold Here In Iowa That There Is Now Frost On The Inside Of My Door Hinges

In A Matter Of 2 Minutes Walking Across Campus, My Glasses Started To Frost/Ice Over

My Beard Froze While Waiting Bus. I Wish It Would Be Summer Already

My Parents Sent Me This Pic Of Our Peephole (From The Indoor Side)

“No, Believe Me, ‘Tis Very Cold; The Wind Is Northerly”

Iowa -45 Outside. Light Switch Frozen Inside

This Is The Window Crank Inside My House

How Cold It Is In Minnesota Right Now

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It’s a common perception that iPhone users are rich people. However, this recent survey pointed out that most iPhone users are actually not!

A China-based survey company called MobData recently published their report, which compiled the information of smartphone users in China. What caught our attention was the fact that iPhone users in China mostly consist of lower-middle-class people who are described as ‘poor people in disguise’. Which is why it’s not surprising that many Apple users are still rocking the iPhone 6, which debuted in 2014.

Source: Envy Mobile

They are mostly single women aged between 18 and 34 who earn less than 3,000 Yuan (approx. RM1,800). Also, they have a lower education level compared to users of other brands and work as non-professionals.

Besides, the survey also revealed that Apple users are much more loyal compared to users of other brands. In fact, 65.7 per cent of its users will stick to the brand if they need to get a new phone.

As for Huawei, majority of its users are men who are married and aged between 25 and 34. On average, they earn between 5,000 Yuan and 20,000 Yuan (approx. between RM3,000 and RM12,000) working as semi-skilled workers or professionals. Many of them are successful businessmen as well!

Source: Yuga Tech

Xiaomi, which is another top smartphone brand in China, saw most of its users comprising married men who earn anywhere between 5,000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan (approx. between RM3,000 and RM6,000).

Do you agree that most iPhone users are broke as discovered by this survey? Let us know in the comments! 

Earlier this month, Clifford sued Trump, saying the secrecy agreement she signed isn’t valid because he never signed it. Trump and Cohen has since moved the suit to federal court and want a judge to push the matter into private arbitration.

Years before the agreement, Daniels gave an interview to InTouch magazine, which has said that she passed a polygraph. Details of that exam, however, have not been released until now.

The report, prepared by a Las Vegas company called Western Security Consultants, says the purpose of the polygraph examination was to “determine if Ms. Clifford had vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump in July 2006.”

The examiner asked her a series of questions, three of which were relevant to the alleged affair:

“Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?”

“Around July 2006, did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?”

“Did Trump say he would get you on ‘The Apprentice’?”

Clifford answered “yes” to all three, according to the report.

The examiner used two methods to analyze the data, according to his report. The first, using an algorithm the report said was developed by Johns Hopkins University, found there was a 1 percent chance of deception for the three answers. A second analysis method found there was adequate evidence Clifford was telling the truth on the first two questions, and it was inconclusive for the third, according to the report.

The White House and Cohen did not immediately respond to request for comment about the polygraph results.

The report says the exam was requested by Life & Style, a sister publication of InTouch. Former employees of publisher Bauer told the Associated Press the interview with Clifford did not run in 2011 because Cohen threatened the magazine with legal action.

 Stormy Daniels arrives to perform at the Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale strip club on March 9, 2018. Joe Raedle / Getty Images file

They did publish it in February, after news of the $130,000 payment to Clifford broke. In it, Clifford described meeting Trump — who was already married to Melania — at a charity event in Lake Tahoe and having sex in his hotel room.

In her lawsuit, she said only that they had an “”intimate” relationship that began in 2006 and continued in 2007. She has taped an interview with “60 Minutes” that is scheduled to air on Sunday.

Although the White House has sought to distance the president from the Clifford dispute — press secretary Sarah Sanders said she doesn’t think he knew about the $130,000 payment — Trump consented to move the matter from state court to federal court in California.