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CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. — It all happened in a flash.

New surveillance movie shows the minute a Crawfordsville, Indiana police officer confronted a man he believed was robbing a company.

The incident happened in Crawfordsville, when police responded to a 911 call about a robbery at Backstep Brewery on North Green Street. The caller told dispatchers that a man in a ski mask entered the pub .

Sgt. Matt Schroeter arrived at the place and watched a man in a ski mask financing out the door. He appeared to be holding a weapon. ” The “robber” was actually celebrity Jim Duff, that had been filming a scene for a film.

However, that wasn’t known by Schroeter.

“Drop the gun! Reduce the gun today!” Schroeter cries in human anatomy camera footage published following the episode. Duff turns toward the innovation and takes his mask off; Schroeter fires a shot and repeats his orders for Duff to lose his weapon.

“We are doing a picture!” Duff says after taking off the ski mask and dropping the weapon.

. Duff complies and then yells to someone within the pub, “You guys better get out here, man.”

Someone starts to come out the doorway, however the officer tells them to remain indoors.

Police said the manufacturing firm nor the pub owners told me that there was a film being shot in the region. It did not help that the other actors and filming gear were making it tough to be aware that there was a film being shot.

Until police could affirm that he was a part of a film scene, Duff was placed into custody.

“We could not understand the police, so when the actor left the construction we had no understanding any police had even arrived at the scene,” Montgomery County Movies owner Philip Demoret informed WXIN.

No charges had been filed in connection with the circumstance. Demoret stated he intended to utilize Crawfordsville police so that something like this does not happen.

The show tied up all the characters tales .

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Head of The Inhumans executive producer Jeph Loeb and Marvel TV has revealed the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creation poised to become a Marvel Studios production on the display, found its way to the display. ‘Well, as you know Marvel is just one big giant company, which was a property […]

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Have you been thinking about getting your very first tattoo in London but are not sure how to get one or what you need to consider? Getting a tattoo takes a lot of time and dedication, as you do not want to end up with a bad design. For the most part, a tattoo becomes part of you and it is rather difficult to remove it. With that in mind, is going to share a few tips on what you need to consider when getting a tattoo in London.

One of the first things you are going to want to do is research shops and artists in the London area. There are several really good ones which you will want to seek out. The best way to do so is through Google and looking at the various reviews they have been given. In addition, you can also seek out a few people who have tattoos and ask for their recommendation, especially if they have a really good tattoo.

Regardless of what you have read or heard, you will always want to take the time to look at the shop in person. You want to see examples of the artist’s actual work not just the designs on the wall. Talk to the artist about the design you are thinking of, just to ensure you are comfortable with them. Lastly, be sure the shop is clean, you do not want to risk any disease by getting a dirty tattoo.

Finally, before you truly commit to getting designer picture on arm from the best shop, you really want to consider the design you want. Make sure this is something you are comfortable having on your body forever. The longer you consider getting a tattoo, the more likely you will be satisfied with it.

Paul Sorvino is prepared to find cooking in the event the TV offer that is right comes together.

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The new archival doc purports to analyze the fabulistic photo-op which was the movie star’s administration, analyzing his White House’s attention to…

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Artists have long chafed at Hollywood’s intrusions. Orson Welles’ fights with the studio system were mythical. Director Billy Wilder in comparison F. Scott Fitzgerald’s experiences as a screenwriter to “a fantastic sculptor who is hired to do a plumbing job.”

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