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Does dimension truly issue in love? Well evidently, some females do NOT believe so!

Instance in factor, comic Lizz Adam’s took it upon herself to share exactly how pleased she is of her short hubby. Actually, she even calls him her “king.”

In a Twitter message that has actually considering that gone viral, Lizz discussed just how “happily wed” she is with her husband– that stands only 5’5.”

The stated tweet quickly gained a great deal of attention as lots of ladies likewise posted about how pleased they are with their amazing spouses (and boyfies), in spite of the apparent height distinction.

As well as boy, the posts did keep coming!

Check out some of the very best replies below:

< img src=" https://www.elitereaders.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/lizz-adams-short-husband-8.jpg "alt="" > < img src ="https://www.elitereaders.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/lizz-adams-short-husband-14.jpg"alt=" ">< img src="https://www.elitereaders.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/lizz-adams-short-husband-16.jpg"alt ="" >

All the great vibes apart, nevertheless, Lizz’original tweet likewise sparked a bit of a dispute as some netizens commented about her adverse tone in the direction of tall individuals. That didn’t stop the comedian from shooting back versus her critics.< img src="https://www.elitereaders.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/lizz-adams-short-husband-3.jpg"alt =" "> In an unique interview with BoredPanda, Lizz said she assumes she “struck a nerve”with individuals who missed the message she was attempting to make. She described she was simply kidding as well as bashing high people had not been actually her purpose whatsoever.

“I’m a comedian,” she safeguarded. “So I talk in hype a whole lot.”

Her main point, of course, was that when it comes to romance, having elevation demands is plain ludicrous.

Or in her own words:

“Discounting a potential companion based on their elevation could prevent you from satisfying a person actually special.”

Well just how concerning you, our dear viewers? Do you have a height preference when it comes to an enthusiast? Or do you, like Lizz, concur that physical look should never ever be a concern? Would certainly you date or wed somebody shorter than you?

Allow’s hear it from the ladies! Please feel free to sound off in the remark area below.

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I have actually never ever been to New york city. * Gasp * I recognize! I wish to go SO terribly.

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THRILL: Ladies and also gentlemen, this … Today has been among the most tough days in current memory for me due to the fact that I’ve recognized this moment was coming in the program today. Now, I make certain that you all know by now, I actually don’t like discussing myself, as well as I don’t such as making aspects of me apart from in the typical satirical, parodic, kidding means.

I like this program to be concerning you and the important things that matter to all of us. The one point that I recognize that has occurred over the 31-plus years of this program is that there has actually been an extraordinary bond that has actually created in between all of you as well as me. Now, this program’s 31 years of ages, as well as because 31 years, there are people– you hear them call at all times– that have actually been listening during. They’ve been listening 30 years or 25 years.

I simply had somebody say they have actually been right here three years. Yet, whatever, it is a family-type partnership to me, and also I have actually mentioned to you that this program as well as this task is what has provided me the greatest satisfaction as well as joy that I have actually ever before experienced, greater than I ever before assumed that I would experience. So I need to inform you something today that I want I didn’t need to tell you.

It’s a struggle for me because I needed to educate my staff previously today. I can not get away … Although people are telling me it’s not the way to consider it, I can’t aid yet feel that I’m letting everyone down with this. Yet the result is that I have actually been identified with innovative lung cancer cells, medical diagnosis confirmed by two medical institutions back on January 20th. I initially understood something was wrong on my birthday celebration weekend, January 12th.

I desire I really did not need to inform you this, and also I thought of not informing any person. I thought about trying to do this without anybody knowing, ’cause I don’t like making aspects of me. However there are going to be days that I’m not gon na be able to be below due to the fact that I’m undergoing treatment or I’m reacting to treatment, and also I understand that would influence all sort of curiosity with individuals questioning what’s taking place.

And the most awful thing that can take place is when there is something taking place as well as you attempt to conceal it as well as cover it up. It’s ultimately gon na leakage, and afterwards individuals are gon na state, “Why really did not you just say it? Why ‘d you try to deceive everybody?” It’s not that I want to deceive any person. It’s just that I do not intend to burden any person with it, as well as I haven’t wanted to. But it is what it is. You know me; I’m the mayor of Realville.

So this has occurred, as well as my objective is to come right here each day I can and to do this program as normally and also as competently and as adeptly as I do each and every day, because that is the source of my biggest contentment professionally, directly. I have actually had a lot support from family and friends during this that it’s simply been significant. I informed the team today that I have a deeply personal relationship with God that I do not proselytize around.

However I do, and I have been functioning that relationship (chuckles) greatly, which I do frequently anyhow, but I’ve been concentrated on it extremely for the previous number of weeks. I know there are much of you in this audience who have experienced this, who are undergoing it yourselves at the exact same time. I am, presently, experiencing absolutely no signs aside from … Look, I do not intend to get as well described in this.

What led to shortness of breath that I believed could have been bronchial asthma or– you know, I’m 69– it can have been my heart. My heart’s in fantastic shape, ticking away great, pressing as well as pumping wonderful. It was not that. It was a lung problem including hatred. So I’m gon na be gone the next couple days as we figure out the therapy strategy as well as have actually additional testing done. But, as I claimed, I’m gon na be here as frequently as I can.

And also, as is the case with everyone who locates themselves in this circumstance, you just intend to get along and also attempt to keep every little thing as typical as you can, which is something that I’m going to try to do. However I really felt that I needed to tell you since that’s the kind of relationship I feel like I have with those of you in this target market. I state it every Christmas, which is when I feel much more thankful than at Thanksgiving.

And also I feel glad at Thanksgiving, however Xmas it actually gets to me. But throughout the years, a great deal of individuals have actually been really great telling me how much this program has suggested to them. However whatever that is, it fades in contrast to what you all have suggested to me. As well as I can’t describe this. Yet I know you exist daily. I can see you. It’s strange just how, but I recognize you’re there.

< img course="aligncenter size-full wp-image-287463" src="https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ZZ-APP-Rush-Blur-Flag-016.jpg" alt ="" width="640" elevation="360" srcset="https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ZZ-APP-Rush-Blur-Flag-016.jpg 640w, https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ZZ-APP-Rush-Blur-Flag-016-300x169.jpg 300w" sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" > I understand you’re there in great numbers, and also I recognize that you understand whatever I state. The remainder of the globe might not when they hear it shared a various means, but I understand that you do. You have actually been one of the greatest sources of self-confidence that I’ve had in my life. So, I hope I will certainly be talking about this as little as necessary in the coming days.

However we’ve got an excellent number of doctors, a terrific team put together. We go to full-speed in advance on this, and also it’s recently an issue of implementing what we are gon na be told later on this week. So, I’ll be back here. I wish I’ll be back Thursday. If not, it will certainly be as soon as I can– and understand that every day I’m not right here, I’ll be thinking of you and also missing you. Thanks significantly.

“Mother, what’s a stripper pole?”

I suspect numerous parents across the fruited level were confronted with that uncomfortable concern after letting their youngsters watch the Super Dish Halftime Show.Jennifer Lopez

as well as Shakira starred in what can just be referred to as an NC-17 softcore porn manufacturing that featured a pole dancer post, great deals of crotch shots and also simulated sex.

“We were disgusted with the raunchy show, provocative gestures, post dance, absence of discreetness,” one outraged mother composed on Twitter.They were doing things that would have made the residents of Sodom and also Gomorrah blush. The NFL must’ve donated$ 10,000

each time one of the entertainers got their exclusive parts. They could’ve moneyed orphanages in every country on the planet.The halftime show was a bit perplexing– particularly in the today’s

“woke”culture. For the record, it’s impolite to spread your legs on national television.What kind of a message are they sending to girls when expanded females take a twirl on a pole dancer pole on national television?Next year, as opposed to subjected crotches and also stripper posts, maybe they could restore the marching bands?

And maybe Charlie Daniels? One final note– Jeb Shrub published a message on Twitter claiming it was the best halftime program he’s ever before seen. Take it to the showers, Jeb.After watching the #SuperBowlLIV half time show with my 11 years of age, we were disgusted with the x-rated program, intriguing motions, post dance, absence

of discreetness, etc. That’s what cash and fame do incorrect. #sodomandgamorrah @JLo @NFL @shakira– Becky Rios Morrison(@beckythebarber)February 3, 2020 Interesting that in the #MeToo era, the @NFL picked this as their halftime show.– Sara Fagen(@sarafagen2) February 3, 2020 It was dreadful. Repulsive in fact. Worst halftime show ever.– Susan Holley (@sholley19 )February 3, 2020 Sorry. Uninspiring. Would rather have seen Gloria Estefan. Charlie Daniels.

Banks & Shane.– Neal Boortz(@Talkmaster)February 3,

2020 Pole dancer posts at the Super Bowl. Wow. Times have actually transformed.

#SuperBowlLIV– Kerry Picket(@KerryPicket) February 3, 2020 My auntie simply called it”The Super Dish of the Crotch “#SBLIV

Weber Design Group

Drive-in motion picture cinemas are basically a distant memory, with extremely few around and also still enduring. But this imaginative Charlotte, North Carolina mommy gave new life to the principle of drive-in flick cinemas when she constructed one in the cellar of her very own home.

Developed by property owner Tracie Stier-Johnson and also Travis Hite of Weber Style Group, this area allows you sink into leather reclining chairs while seeing your favored flick. The recovered timber walls make you feel like you’re inside a barn. However the shaggy green carpeting and the rural equine mural provide the cellar an outdoorsy vibe.

“I desired the area to feel like it remained in a barn, but additionally like we were outside at a drive-in,” Stier-Johnson told . “The mural appears like the sight you would certainly see from a barn as well as keeps the room from feeling like a closed-in cinema.”

Weber Design Team, Inc. But the genuine star of the program is the turquoise Chevy pickup reproduction. No drive-in film experience would be total without a vehicle bed filled with cushions and also blankets. Spectators can fall the tailgate, cuddle up in the blankets and also gaze up at the stellar patio lights expenses.

Weber Layout Team, Inc. One more essential barn detail Stier-Johnson included in the style is the hayloft.
Weber Design Team, Inc. Yet what drive-in theater would be total without a concession stand? The theater includes a fully-stocked sandwich shop, a classic Coca-Cola machine, plus a barrel that houses a customized snacks device.
Weber Design Team, Inc. Set down on a lake just outside of Charlotte, N.C., the rest of the house is equally glamorous.
Weber Layout Team, Inc. The charming master collection includes wrap-around home windows forgeting a lake.
Weber Style Team, Inc.
. The intricate kitchen easily mixes high-end course with rustic appeal.
Weber Style Group, Inc. There’s even a spiral staircase winding via your home.
Weber Style Group, Inc. However if you ‘d rather not take the stairways, there’s likewise a slide to fire you from one floor to the following.
Weber Layout Group, Inc. You can learn more regarding this distinct residential or commercial property below.

This message was originally published in 2017.

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During the Super Dish’s halftime show, I saw amazed as JLo and Shakira twerked their fantastic asses. They really did not let down as well as left me desiring much more. It was the hottest point I would certainly ever before seen– 2 mothers over 40 who were kicking butt. They had that phase, did what they desired, as well as I’ve seen it(with my 14-year-old daughter) a minimum of ten times because the real-time performance.

Naturally, I recognized there would certainly be individuals who ‘d have a problem with two females on phase in outfits hotter than 10,000 suns with dance relocations that were solid as well as made a statement– dancing actions which included a pole. Hell indeed.

I’m right here to say, I do not have perseverance for negative thoughts or judgment.

First, about that post … knock if off with the stripper post remarks. Post dancing is encouraging. It’s a sign of stamina, hard work, as well as athleticism. Shakira as well as JLo are so inspiring to me as a mother to three in her 40s. I have actually always intended to take a pole dance course due to the fact that it would make me feel outstanding and also strong. Those of you that think these ladies got on the stage

exclusively to activate your spouses, obviously don’t recognize the feeling of empowerment. Likewise, you are simply ordinary wrong. It’s evident you are threatened by their performance since you can’t wrap your mind around the truth that a woman must have the ability to wear what she wants, relocate exactly how she wants, and touch herself just how she desires. Besides, it’s her body and also her choice. Every person needs to do not hesitate to make self-governing decisions, despite popularity or age, without your shame.

If they would have simply stood there vocal singing, you would certainly whine that it was boring. Adam Levine carried out shirtless last year, and I missed the cumulative outrage. It looked like everybody concurred he was eye-catching.

So, let’s call this what it is: sexism and internalized misogyny.

I suggest, do not you have various other points to do? Like look in the mirror and also ask on your own why you feel the requirement to blow up various other women. That would be an excellent begin.

What you use, how you move, and also the method you pick to lug yourself has absolutely nothing to do with how much you value on your own. People have actually been getting that puzzled for as well damn long as well as it’s time to understand females can do what they want.

That’s what I’m teaching my youngsters as well as I recommend you do the same, rather than being so quick to hop on your soap box as well as declare that these two Latina ladies are not “family-friendly” as well as “excessively sexualizing”themselves. Our garments as well as bodies do not define our personality. Teach your kids to regard art and impressive women, since that’s what they saw at the halftime program.

When people can’t simply allow two ability females commemorate their society during a remarkable #HalftimeShow 2020: pic.twitter.com/gZqTysImjE

— Owen Beaver (@owen_beaver1) February 3, 2020

Please, sit. Or a post dance class.

It’s not your task to claim that ought to use what unless you’re attempting to appear like an ignorant asshole and teach the young women of the globe they ought to repent for intending to show their stunning skin or dancing in a certain means.

No person had a problem with Adam Levine’s Super Dish performance last year– a male vocalist that wore his pants reduced and also swindled his shirt. For that show, you were all, “ Oooh, how can I obtain me some

of that?”As well as “ideal halftime show ever.”As well as” I can not go down trou fast sufficient.”Yet as soon as two ladies rise there, two ladies who have actually birthed children– one in her 50s as well as one in her 40s(yes, I understand I already mentioned this however it births repeating )– some individuals grip their pearls. Individuals claim it must be a child-friendly half time program. They state these ladies are unsuitable. They tremble to consider the instance they are setting for their children.

Yet what regarding the example of you being a judgmental asshole? Your children are watching that as well and are below to listen to all your oblivious remarks. As well as it’s regrettable.

Stop grasping your pearls Karen, pole dance is a task of toughness. Photo from Circle du Soleil. #HalftimeShow 2020 pic.twitter.com/wRj6xrOT3l

— PittieBoo (@PittieBoo) February 3, 2020

As a mom-to-three in my 40s, Shakira and JLo are inspiring AF. They are strong as well as confident as well as inspiring. I mean, did you see J.Lo climb up that post? If you say you don’t have dreams of being able to do that, whether it’s for an efficiency, or simply for yourself, you are a lying-liar face. Actually, I really did not assume being too sexy was a point, however I do not sit in judgment clasping my cheeks as well as protecting my youngsters’ eyes to save them for the horror called 2 woman dance on a phase celebrating where they originated from.

No, I see those women out there killing it and also it makes me really feel to life. Like, if they can do that I can definitely take that salsa dancing class without spraining my ankle and also compose that book I maintain implying to service.

They showed us you are permitted to be yourself– that implies using what you want, dancing exactly how you want, and also touching on your own exactly how you want, because that is your right as an individual.

To all the haters of the halftime show, proceed and also keep it up with your unpleasant ideas as well as unfavorable comments concerning these ladies being “also sex-related.” Just remember to be answerable due to the fact that you are shaming various other females. Which do you believe is extra damaging?

As for me, I’ll more than hear heating up leftover queso and perfecting my twerk because it’s freaking 2020 as well as liberating as hell to be a multifaceted lady.

The blog post To The Halftime Program Haters: Take A Seat appeared initially on Scary Mommy.

The Super Bowl Halftime Program, which featured Shakira and also Jennifer Lopez, makes sure pissing off a great deal of white people. Essentially, the conversation on social networks is that these Latinas provided a program that was over-sexualized. It’s majorly sanctimonious for people to be horrified over the program due to the fact that it was also sexy yet wouldn’t care if or additionally sustain the President of the USA that undoubtedly gets women by the pussy.

Franklin Graham, the eldest boy of the late preacher Billy Graham, tweeted yesterday, “I do not anticipate the world to imitate the church, but our nation has had a feeling of moral modesty on prime-time television TV in order to shield youngsters. We see that disappearing prior to our eyes. It was shown in tonight’s @Pepsi #SuperBowl Halftime Show– w/millions of children enjoying.”

Franklin is additionally a noted Donald Trump supporter that was just as a result of his assistance of the Head of state as well as anti-LGBT views.

Watching Trump fans suggest about the morality of a sexualized halftime program is a degree of irony I had not been planned for on Monday early morning. https://t.co/L5FmpLS7iO

— David (@dvdrbrt) February 3, 2020

It’s rather absurd to listen to the outrage by some white individuals over the outstanding efficiencies of Shakira and also Lopez generally since if white performers were to do the same point, they would not have any issue with it.

Girl Gaga executed at the Super Dish in 2017 and wore a bodysuit outfit as well as showed off her stomach and also no person cared. Shakira drank her hips since that is the title of her hit track. And, yes, J.Lo danced on a stripper post since her film Hustlers included her as a stripper. That movie went on to gross more than and gained her lots of vital acclaim and also honor nominations. Both of these ladies are successful Latina artists globally since people like what they bring to the table. That’s why they were asked to do during the Super Dish Halftime Program. Did people really think that these women would be concealed head-to-toe and not dancing?

me smiling in any way the racists who despised the halftime program https://t.co/OVO5CszXNZ

— yohanna cortés (@yohannacortes_) February 3, 2020

The vitriol on social media sites regarding this program, specifically from Trump supporters, is ridiculous due to the fact that we understand they back a sexist as well as racist president.

Reporter Garrett M. Graff tweeted, “The Venn layout of individuals who complained concerning the lewdness of the NFL halftime show as well as people that intend to vote to re-elect Donald Trump, a crude, thrice-married man– credibly implicated of sexual assault– that paid hush money to a porn star to cover up their event is a circle.”

Trump fans grumbling that the #HalftimeShow 2020 stands for the “pornification” of America can go see a Stormy Daniels film.

— The Daily Side (@TheDailyEdge) February 3, 2020

So, to individuals whining over this show, where do you fix a limit of moral decency? It’s OK for your Head of state to behave like a sexist, racist jerk as well as show off ordering women by their “p * ssys,” yet the suggestion of 2 Latinas dancing on phase is too much for you. You’re OK with viewing men bash right into each other as a sport causing extreme damages to their mind, yet J.Lo on a strip post is excessive for you to deal with?

We have actually seen this type of racist hatred before. In 2016, Beyonce faced her very own backlash for her social justice performance that accentuated the Black Lives Matter movement. As you might also remember, Janet Jackson was blacklisted for years after her Super Bowl Halftime Program in 2004 after her nipple area was revealed, while . Why is it that just females of color amass such objection over their performances?

Trump and Maga advocates after seeing the puertorican flag and latino representative in the halftime show #HalftimeShow 2020 pic.twitter.com/fL7t8AF6T1

— Sebastián (@lamichucomay) February 3, 2020

It’s interesting and frustrating to see Trump supporters be up in arms about decency as well as female exploitation while having no agitations regarding supporting a head of state who represents simply that. And also for the haters that state this kind of show goes against the Me Too motion, you should recognize females deserve to dance and use whatever they want, whenever they desire. That doesn’t offer anybody permission to take advantage of them. Regrettable Trump doesn’t understand the difference.

What I saw last evening was 2 incredibly gifted Latinas share a performance that highlighted standard Afro-Colombian dancing, uplifted individuals of Puerto Rico, as well as put the existing administration’s inhumane household separation immigration plan on center stage. It’s unfortunate that there are individuals around who have nothing far better to do than to try to tear individuals down that are simply being proud of that they are.

Footage purporting to show a Chinese woman eating a whole bat at a fancy restaurant has gone viral as the country is ravaged by a new deadly virus believed to have come from the flying mammals. 

A separate trending video purports to show Cantonese-speaking diners preparing to eat soup made with the nocturnal animal. 

The new strain of coronavirus, which emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan last month, has killed at least 17 people, sickened more than 590 and caused the city of 11million to be in lockdown. 

The virus, which can cause pneumonia, is poorly understood. Scientists now fear it may have spread to humans from snakes or bats.  

Viral footage purports to show a fashionable Chinese young woman biting one of the wings of a cooked bat at a fancy restaurant. The deadly coronavirus could come from the animal

Pictures emerging on Twitter shows soup cooked with a bat. Bats are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a series of illness, including coughing, Malaria and Gonorrhea

A leading Chinese virologist who helped tackle the SARS epidemic in Asia in 2003 has warned that a new strain of deadly coronavirus from China could lead to an outbreak at least 10 times worse than the health crisis 17 years ago.

Bats are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a series of illnesses, including coughing, Malaria and Gonorrhea. 

The animal’s faeces is also believed to be able to cure eye diseases, according to ancient Chinese medical masterpiece Ben Cao Gang Mu. 

A separate clip shows Cantonese-speaking diners preparing to eat soup made with the nocturnal animal. The new strain of coronavirus, which emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan last month, has killed at least 17 people and sickened more than 590

The first trending video, said to be trending on Weibo and shared by Hong Kong-based Apple Daily, shows a fashionably dressed young woman holding a bat with chopsticks as she nibbled on one of the mammal’s wings.

One man can be heard telling the woman in Mandarin: ‘Eat the meat! [Don’t] eat the skin.’

He added: ‘[You] should eat the meat on its back.’

The bat was thought to be from a large pot of soup placed in the middle of the table.

The second viral video, posted by influential Chinese blogger Chen Qiushi on Twitter, shows a cooked, grinning bat placed in a large bowl of broth.

‘[After] experiencing this matter, can Chinese people give up eating wildlife?’ the blogger asked in a post. 

Both videos remain unverified. 

MailOnline has reached out to both bloggers for comments.  

In one video, a man can be seen ‘disinfecting’ eerily quiet streets of Wuhan, with billowing fumes filling the air outside an apartment block

Medical staff at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan wear protective suits. Wuhan yesterday banned residents from leaving the city

Passengers at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport Authority are scanned by thermal imaging for body temperature as they go through health measures and procedures against deadly SARS-like virus

Passengers yesterday wore protective masks to protect against the spread of the Chinese coronavirus as they arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport 


The killer coronavirus sweeping across the world may have come from bats, scientists have said.

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the People’s Liberation Army and Institut Pasteur of Shanghai came to the conclusion.

In a statement, the team said: ‘The Wuhan coronavirus’ natural host could be bats… but between bats and humans there may be an unknown intermediate.

Tests of the virus, which has yet to be named, have revealed it targets a protein called ACE2 – just like its cousin SARS, the South China Morning Post reported.

Tracing the evolution of the virus, the team of experts found it belonged to betacoronavirus, making it structurally similar to SARS.

Authorities have pointed the blame on food markets in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak that scientists are scrambling to contain.

Rodents and bats among other animals are slaughtered and sold in traditional ‘wet markets’, which tourists flock to see the ‘real’ side of the country.

A third city in China is going into lockdown as officials battle to stop the spread of the deadly new coronavirus that has killed 17, left hundreds seriously ill and potentially infected thousands. 

Major Lunar New Year events in Beijing have been cancelled, authorities in Ezhou have shut down train stations, and Huanggang has announced it will suspend public buses and trains as well as ordering cinemas and internet cafes to close their doors.

The development comes as Wuhan – the city at the centre of the outbreak – remains in lockdown, with all flights in and outbound cancelled, residents banned from leaving and scenes of chaos as desperate families fight for food supplies. 

Official figures show almost 600 patients have been struck down by the disease – but scientists yesterday warned as many as 10,000 people could have been infected in Wuhan alone. Experts said they couldn’t rule out the SARS-like virus already being in the UK. Others have said no virus has spread this far this quickly since SARS in 2003. 

Chinese officials are disinfecting whole streets and parks with clouds of gas and chilling footage has emerged of roadside quarantine tents, hastily erected to isolate suspected cases.  One resident told the BBC the atmosphere in the city felt like ‘the end of the world’.

Travellers have spread the coronavirus to seven countries already, including the US. European health officials fear the never-before-seen virus will reach the continent, with the UK and other nations already on high alert. 

Shoppers are pictured in a supermarket in Wuhan, where people are complaining that food prices have risen and videos showed people scrapping over groceries (Picture taken today, January 23)

Medical workers in Hong Kong are dressed in protective gear which they have to wear while dealing with suspected coronavirus patients (Pictured today, January 23)

People covering their mouths with masks are pictured having their temperatures checked at Hangzhou railway station in the east of China today, January 23

It was revealed on Tuesday that an American man infected with the deadly virus – which Chinese officials have warned will mutate and become deadlier – came into close contact with at least 16 people before he was put in isolation. 

According to health officials, the unnamed man from Washington state, who is in his 30s, wasn’t diagnosed until Monday, January 20 – five days after he returned from China.   

The World Health Organization is facing increasing pressure to declare the crisis a public health emergency, like it has done for Ebola and Zika in the past.  Health chiefs will meet again later today to make a final verdict.   

Residents in Wuhan are pictured wearing masks to buy vegetables in the market this morning

Pictured, Wuhan residents wear masks to buy vegetables in the market today

Italian Health Ministry officials get ready to screen passengers at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport for the virus

Wuhan’s Health Commission said the city is ‘witnessing a fast growing trend of fever patients’ and hospitals are facing bed shortages because of the virus, which has still yet to be named. 

Last night British government ministers ordered a clampdown on flights from Wuhan, and took the extraordinary measure of effectively quarantining passengers from China.

The virus, which can cause pneumonia, is poorly understood. Scientists now fear it may have spread to humans from snakes or bats. 

One professor yesterday warned the outbreak has a death rate similar to the global Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, which went on to kill more than 50million people. Data suggests two in 100 people who catch the virus will die.

Coronavirus: What we know so far 

What is this virus?

The virus has been identified as a new type of coronavirus. Coronaviruses are a large family of pathogens, most of which cause mild respiratory infections such as the common cold.

But coronaviruses can also be deadly. SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, is caused by a coronavirus and killed hundreds of people in China and Hong Kong in the early 2000s.

Can it kill?

Yes. Seventeen people have so far died after testing positive for the virus. Most patients die from complications including pneumonia and swelling in lungs. Severe pneumonia can kill people by causing them to drown in the ‘fluid’ flooding their lungs. The virus also causes swelling in the respiratory system, which can make it hard for the lungs to pass oxygen into the bloodstream – leading to organ failure and death.

What are the symptoms?

Its symptoms are typically a fever, cough and trouble breathing, but some patients have developed pneumonia, a potentially life-threatening infection that causes inflammation of the small air sacs in the lungs. People carrying the novel coronavirus may only have mild symptoms, such as a sore throat. They may assume they have a common cold and not seek medical attention, experts fear.

How is it detected?

The virus’s genetic sequencing was released by scientists in China to the rest of the world to enable other countries to quickly diagnose potential new cases. This helps other countries respond quickly to disease outbreaks.

To contain the virus, airports are detecting infected people with temperature checks. But as with every virus, it has an incubation period, meaning detection is not always possible because symptoms have not appeared yet.

How did it start and spread?

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says.

The first cases identified were among people connected to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan.

Cases have since been identified elsewhere which could have been spread through human-to-human transmission.

What are countries doing to prevent the spread?

Countries in Asia have stepped up airport surveillance. They include Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Australia and the US are also screening patients for a high temperature, and the UK announced it will screen passengers returning from Wuhan.

Is it similar to anything we’ve ever seen before?

Experts have compared it to the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The epidemic started in southern China and killed more than 700 people in mainland China, Hong Kong and elsewhere